About Us

From the cold waters of the North Atlantic to the consumer

Who are we?

Grimes Shellfish formally known as Mick Grimes Shellfish goes back 3 generations and started off in 1967 selling shellfish from our stall on the sunny seaside beech in Scarborough, East Yorkshire, England. After many years of working the stall our family decided to take offer a unit on the pier side in their home fishing town of Scarborough. In 2009 Young Mick Grimes started to develop the processing end of the business concentrating on live, cooked & frozen shellfish such as Lobster, crab & whelks while his mother maintained the very popular seaside stall selling ready to eat seafood to the public where they can enjoy eating it walking along the beach.

In 2013 Alan Price (MD of Rockabill Seafood Ltd) came across Mick Grimes Shellfish whiles doing business in the area and got introduced to Mick. Rockabill Seafood started to buy some products and then took interest in young Micks enthusiasm in growing his business. So in late 2015 Rockabill Seafood became a partner in the business to bring the company to a whole new level in the shellfish world and this is where “Grimes Shellfish” was born.

With lead partner Rockabill Seafood one of Irelands leading seafood specialists in the driving seat of Grimes Shellfish and its team they plan to grow Grimes Shellfish to a leading seafood specialist supplying World Class seafood worldwide.